The delivery service impact of the Noto earthquake


Dear Customers,


Thank you so much for using TheFlyingPig.Com.

We extend our deepest condolences to the victims of the Noto earthquake. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their loved ones and are facing the challenges of rebuilding. May strength, resilience, and the support of communities and the nation provide comfort during this difficult time. We hope you and your loved ones are safe.

Currently, delivery services to Ishikawa are limited. Please check the delivery service in Sagawa site if you are shipping address is near Ishikawa. Please note some of the area cannot be delivered or cause delay.


能登半島地震の影響によるお荷物のお届けについて(2024年1月5日9時現在)|お知らせ (

Costco online shop Hot deals

¥1,998 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,850)
¥2,748 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥2,544)
¥2,598 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥2,406)
¥1,958 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,813)
¥1,296 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,200)
¥3,498 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,239)
¥1,498 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,387)
¥2,188 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥2,026)
¥1,480 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,370)
¥1,922 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,780)
¥2,998 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥2,776)
¥2,488 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥2,304)
¥1,998 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,850)
¥2,898 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥2,683)
¥648 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥600)
¥3,727 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,388)

Costco online shop New Items

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¥3,599 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,332)
¥3,078 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥2,798)
¥3,480 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,222)
¥2,280 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥2,111)
¥2,658 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥2,461)
¥11,800 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥10,926)
¥22,680 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥21,000)
¥3,698 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,424)

Domestic Shipping Winter Break Notice 2023-24

TheFlyingPig.Com thanks you for your patronage in 2023, and wishes you a happy new year!

Our winter break of 2023 - 24

Domestic dispatching service and Customer service:
Begins December 29, 2022 and Ends January 4, 2023.
We will start dispatching and replying email from January 5.


Shipping costs:

First box -- 1000 yen (without tax)
       Second box -- 900 yen(without tax)
       Third and subsequent boxes -- 800 yen(without tax)
Frozen surcharge -- 600 yen (without tax) per box
Cool surcharge -- 600 yen (without tax) per box

Note: To qualify for the multi-box rate, all boxes must be ordered together, and must be shipped to the same address.

Personal imports are subject to less stringent import restrictions than commercial imports, allowing our customers to order many of their favorite groceries, personal care items and sundries that would otherwise be impossible to get in Japan. (But remember, food items are subject to a 10-kg limit per item type per order, and other items must be in "reasonable quantities". Also, the addressee must be an individual, and not a company or organization.)

Generally, PI items are dispatched from Hawaii every Tuesday and Friday, with delivery about 5-8 days later. (Note that there are occasional dispatch holidays --- please confirm with us if delivery by a certain date is desired.) These items are handled by a locally organized entity, TFP International LLC.

PI shipping charges are tiered as follows:

5 or more items in the order: FREE!
3-4 items in the order: 1980 yen
1-2 items in the order: 2980 yen


When you open “View cart” page you are able to know how much space you have without extra shipping fee. Also by choosing shipping type, you might be able to eliminate shipping fee by combining shipping boxes.


PI items are shipped separately from domestic items. You are able to check domestic and PI items at “view cart” page.


Dear Loyal Customers,

Thank you so much for your patronage as always.
Due to recent Coronavirus spread and fear, Costco limit their customers shopping volume including us.
So, even we do our best to fulfill your order, we may not able to complete your order items. We may ask you to wait a while for arrival.
We sincerely appreciate for your understanding of current social situations.


About Personal Import Items

In order to clarify PI items from domestic items, we put "PI from Hawaii" in the name of all PI items.

Those PI items are shipped separately for domestic items and we charge you shipping fee.

Please check the link below for the details.


Reasonable prices on imported groceries and general merchandise in Japan? When pigs fly! But that was before Costco Wholesale opened its doors here. Afterwards, there were only two problems left: not everyone can get to a Costco warehouse very easily, and Internet ordering isn't available. In a nutshell, TheFlyingPig.Com was launched to overcome these issues. (Please note that TheFlyingPig.Com is an independent entity, and is not owned or controlled by Costco.)

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