Golden Week Holidays:

Dear Customers,

We hope you all well and stay away from the COVID-19. As we are under the state of emergency, you would like to stay home and be away from crowding place.

Our service will help you. We open our delivery service during GW holidays except May 2, 3 and 6th.

You are able to make an order anytime on the site. Our customer service is 10-6pm on business day.

Kind regards,

State of Emergency:

Our domestic shipping location Fukuoka is currently under the state of emergency. Some may wonder if we stop our service in this time. But, we decide to continue our service in difficult time to keep our customers life.

Some ordinary available items are out of stock. Import from Europe countries are currently difficult. Also, paper products and water have limitations. Please kindly understand the difficulty caused by the Coronavirus situation.

We hope you and your family are fine and away from the Coronavirus.



Dear Loyal Customers,

Thank you so much for your patronage as always.
Due to recent Coronavirus spread and fear, Costco limit their customers shopping volume including us.
So, even we do our best to fulfill your order, we may not able to complete your order items. We may ask you to wait a while for arrival.
We sincerely appreciate for your understanding of current social situations.


About Personal Import Items

In order to clarify PI items from domestic items, we put "PI from Hawaii" in the name of all PI items.

Those PI items are shipped separately for domestic items and we charge you shipping fee.

Please check the link below for the details.

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Reasonable prices on imported groceries and general merchandise in Japan? When pigs fly! But that was before Costco Wholesale opened its doors here. Afterwards, there were only two problems left: not everyone can get to a Costco warehouse very easily, and Internet ordering isn't available. In a nutshell, TheFlyingPig.Com was launched to overcome these issues. (Please note that TheFlyingPig.Com is an independent entity, and is not owned or controlled by Costco.)

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