Kirkland Signature Household Surface Wipes 4-Packs (Lemon Scent x 2, Fresh Air Scent x 2)

¥1,980 (Including tax)
(exc tax ¥1,800)
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Cleans and disinfects.

2 x 72ct "Lemon Scent" Scrubbing Eco-Pak and 2 x 80ct "Fresh Air Scent" Eco-Pak

Extra-Large Wipes
20.8 cm x 24.8 cm (8.2 in x 9.8 in)

Recommended uses include kitchen counters & sinks, toilet seats, shower stalls, phones, and changing tables. Wipes are not flushable.

Not to be used as "wet wipes" on skin.


Big sized value pack at a good price. The wipes themselves are easy to dispense and are good at cleaning up things
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