Trade Law

Detailed Seller Information (Domestic)


Imagine Solutions Ltd.

Officer responsible

Goshi Kawata


2671 Kubara, Hisayama, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka



Mail Address


Required charges other than product price

Sales Tax 10% (Products subject to reduced tax rates 8%)

Shipping is generally via Sagawa or Yamato, and domestic shipping normally takes 48 to 72 hours from receipt of payment. Most items on TheFlyingPig.Com site are shipped in boxes with a capacity of up to 24-kg. For chilled and frozen items, box capacity is 17-kg. Most ordinary items can also be added to a chilled or even a frozen box in order to maximize shipping cost performance; ordinary items are automatically placed in a chilled box when this will result in lower overall shipping costs.

Shipping costs:

First box -- 1000 yen (without tax)
Second box -- 900 yen(without tax)
Third and subsequent boxes -- 800 yen(without tax)
Frozen surcharge -- 600 yen (without tax) per box
Cool surcharge -- 600 yen (without tax) per box

Note: To qualify for the multi-box rate, all boxes must be ordered together, and must be shipped to the same address.

Personal imports are subject to less stringent import restrictions than commercial imports, allowing our customers to order many of their favorite groceries, personal care items and sundries that would otherwise be impossible to get in Japan. (But remember, food items are subject to a 10-kg limit per item type per order, and other items must be in "reasonable quantities". Also, the addressee must be an individual, and not a company or organization.)

Generally, PI items are dispatched from Hawaii every Tuesday and Friday, with delivery about 5-8 days later. (Note that there are occasional dispatch holidays --- please confirm with us if delivery by a certain date is desired.) These items are handled by a locally organized entity, TFP International LLC.

PI shipping charges are tiered as follows:

5 or more items in the order: FREE!
3-4 items in the order: 1980 yen
1-2 items in the order: 2980 yen


TheFlyingPig.Com accepts four easy methods for order payment: bank/postal transfer, COD, PayPal and credit card (Visa, MasterCard).

COD is perhaps the most convenient mode of payment, since no further action or approval is needed after submitting your order. COD payments are made in cash at the door when the order is delivered (credit cards cannot be accepted for COD payment). Please note that although delivery agents can make change, exact or (or at least ballpark) amounts are always appreciated. The exact amount of the order is stated in both the email order confirmation and subsequent shipment confirmation.

Bank Transfers:
MizuhoBank FukuokaBranch ordinary 8043025 account TFP

From Postal account;
Account Number:01710-3-145373
Account Name:TheFlyingPig.Com
Account Name KANA(カナ):ザフライングピッグドットコム

From Bank Account;
Branch Name:179(イチナナキュウ)
Account Type:Checking
Account Number:0145373

IMPORTANT: When using an Internet-based settlement system, or in other cases where you are required to input the account name manually, please use simply "TFP" in Roman letters (without the quotation marks).

If you use a Mizuho ATM machine, the charge for a cash transfer will be 105 yen for orders up to 29,999 yen, or 315 yen for orders of 30,000 yen or more. From other banks' ATMs, these charges are typically 420 yen and 630 yen respectively. Charges are generally somewhat less when you use your bank card.

Personal Import Operations

All operations and accounting relating to personal import items (those on the site accompanied by the "PI" icon) are under the auspices of TFP International LLC, a legally separate and independent entity conforming to the laws of the United States of America and the state of Hawaii.

TFP International LLC


94-1128 Ka Uka Blvd, Unit 4318

Waipahu, HI 96797 USA

Tel: (808) 343-5613

Fax: (808) 677-8642

TFP International LLC designates TFP Ltd. as its agent in Japan for local business services and consumer affairs. However, TFP International LLC operations, accounting and ownership are independent from those of TFP Ltd. Final responsibility for any issues arising from US products for personal import rest with TFP International LLC.