Vaseline with Cocoa Butter (212g)Jar(PI from Hawaii)

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Vaseline. Celebrating its 140th Anniversary, Vaseline has re-designed its classic tub packaging. The screw on lid has been replaced with an easy open flip top, and the square tub now has rounded edges for a modern shape. The medical looking starch white and blue color pallet (below) has been upgraded to rich almond browns (above), and the gel has been infused with coco butter for a more luxurious fragrance. As far as label design, the Vaseline logo has been shrunk so as to not be the main focus. Instead, text such as “rich conditioning” and “cocoa butter” are prominent to market Vaseline as a beauty lotion instead of a medical balm. Clearly the company is trying to target new markets; the younger generation and those interested in lush beauty products.


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