Check Hot items and New Arrivals! May 27th. And Barilla Genovese

by Jordan Kawata

Dear Customers,

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Costco gave us insane deal for Barilla Genovese Pasta Sauce, too. It's really amazing price.  Please check our special deal for Barilla product.


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Barilla Pasta

Barilla Genovese Pasta Sauce (glass jars) 190-g

Barilla Spaghetti Gruten Free No.5 1.7mm 897yen

Barilla 1.4mm Spaghetti No.3 700-g 158yen

Tagliatelle Bolognesi 500-g

Barilla Linguine FINI 500-g x 4-ct

Check other Barilla Pasta, too.

Icefield Water (2L x 12-ct)

Pace Medium Picante Sauce (2 x 1.07-kg) 1080yen

Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup (44-oz Twin Pack) 998yen Cheaper than normal Heinz.

KS Artichoke Hearts (2 x 935-g glass jars) 998yen And it would be discontinued.


New Arrivals!

Columbia Fruit Frozen Dragon Fruit Blend 4lb

Absolute Organic Sunflower Seeds

Absolute Organic Pumpkin Seeds 750-g

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Fresh-Baked Rolls With Corn (36-ct)